Berry Tramel's article on the hurry-up

This is exactly what I’ve been trying to say. Going fast is going to affect our D. Yes, they’re young and inexperienced. Yes, we’re going to take a step back. However, you need to understand the impact that going so fast on offense has on the defense. The TOP and number of possessions CMU got because of our offensive prowess has repercussions.


I was talking about our speed of play last year and how it helped our defense

Of coarse that fast really throws IT at alot of the defenders. We haven’t scored like that in a while, not many on the team remembers.

But there is still some issues with that zone and tackeling. I will say those 2 backes were both good enough to play in big 12. It was a good offense overall.

We will play a completely different qb next week.

These two offense will be good practice for big 12 play.


Yeah, not giving the defense a pass; there was some bad tackling and players out of position. However, 16 possessions is a lot to expect.


Didn’t AS have a lot of players leave and are under NCAA investigation as of now ? Germ can coach no doubt, just thinking they had a lot of turnover in their program since last year

Yes they lost alot of players plus coaches.

They looked good against a bad fcs team.

That qb is an ex florida qb. We will have to contain him a good runner like Sanders.


Yeah, we’ll see. It’s in Stillwater, so that’s a plus. You never know what you have until you get on the field, but I think we’ll be fine.


We can’t overlook anyone, at anytime


Expect ASU’s QB to get rid of the ball just as fast as did Richardson from CMU.

As far as playing fast, it is a good way to build up a lead, then we need to be able to run the football effectively, to run clock, and give the D a breather.


We have to put a lil more pressure on the recievers to give our dline alil more time to put pressure on. If were droping seven we got to find those 5 guys.

It just felt the running game was an after thought.
It did ok. 4 negative plays. Dixon blow a play, tho sanders took it for a td.

I think when gunnar came in was the first time we ran the ball more then once in a row. It was good to get the new guys comfortable on the line. I didnt see anything but straight blocking.

We got 3 weeks to get everybody up to speed


Right. Maybe they bump the receivers more and make sure the slot corners/linebackers/safeties get some practice on those quick slants. We’ll see what Mason does.


A lot of plays across the middle with the running back or TE , the backer’s just stood there.? No one covered or bumps them ! I’m sure he will address that this week. We have a chit load of good receivers. Get the ball to them, work on the running game. Don’t need Spencer running a lot till Baylor maybe. Bring the DB closer to the line of scrimmage


Here’s hope we can build a lead and keep it and let Gunnar see what he can do. If he can’t put Zane in

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