Best Television Series you watched in 2019

Nothing makes me more envious of others than when I share w them must-see TV series and find they haven’t watched it yet. I then wish I could be like them and have all that binge-worthy content to be enjoyed.
Therefore, I share w you;

  1. Peaky Blinders
  2. Hand Maids Tale
  1. Community (I’ve watched every episode probably 10 times)
  2. Good Omens
  3. Live PD (I’m missing this week because I’m traveling)

Reruns of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Outlander (a close second, I watched it all this year in anticipation of season 5)
Last season of Game of Thrones (by far the very best)
I started (7 years late) and liked Revolution The Mandalorian is awesome, but maybe not on the same level as GOT.

I watched Handmaid’s Tale too. The first season was the best IMO. But it’s really gripping. Like I have to take breaks.

The Americans

Yeah Baby!!!

My genre , and my profession :grinning:

I need to commit to it

The Watchmen (even if it did make Oklahoma look bad). Mandalorian was also good.

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Watchmen 100%

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

The Mandalorian…hands down!


You have spoken


The Expanse Season 4.

Stranger Things


The Sopranos. Way behind I know, but great stuff.

Stranger Things.


Thought Succession season one was good, not great. Halfway through season two and have really liked it.

Stranger Things - Netflix
Lost In Space - Netflix
Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Amazon Prime
The Grand Tour - Amazon Prime
The Widow - Amazon Prime
Man In The High Castle - Amazon Prime

I just have to throw out here that Stranger Things was hot garbage. Especially the second season. There’s my take. @ me.

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Chernobyl, and it wasn’t close. Also not sure if that counts.

It’s a totally different kind of TV, but I really enjoy Peyton’s Places on ESPN+ (an ESPN+ broadcast that doesn’t freeze/pixelate)! Hilarious and informative football show on the history of the first 100 years of the NFL. Perhaps a bit too much in the #olds domain for many on this forum.

Amen Brother. I watched season 1 and realized it is for the “Marvel” movie type person, which I am not (I’m old)

As for KP’s Chernobyl pick, outstanding!!! And yes, mini-series count
Side Note: I was a ME student at OSU in
Gerald Parker’s Thermo II class
when Chernobyl happened

To piggyback off this, if you’re in to it the “Detail” series they have done is spectacular. Kobe does certain players and dives in to their game film and explains how sets are run and everything. Daniel Cormier does some for UFC and breaks down in detail (I wonder where they got the name of the show) the little nuances of every move.

Cool. I’ll have to check it out.