Best thing to happen during a bye?

OU loses.


The fab 2 practice forwell tour has not started well.

I bet Tennessee will jump use. Had some upset. There were a lot of close games this week.

Big 10 still looks bad. Big12 no looking that great either.

Kansas, TCU, and Oklahoma State, only unbeatens.


Martinez looked like Superman out there last night, I hope we don’t get that version of him when we play lol


He won’t. Our d-line will be better than OU’s. We can actually put some heat on him. Force a mistake. I think we can limit Deuce. Maybe not as well as last year without Rodriguez or Harper, but we should be okay.

We’ll get a good feel for where our back seven is after Saturday, I’m a little skiddish on them to this point, but I still have faith !

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Well OU is absolute trash this year lol