Betting Line for Bedlam Moves in Favor of OU

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OSU is an even bigger underdog than initially expected.

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If anyone actually think OSU has a chance, I want what you’re smoking.
Sanders hasn’t been consistent
Offense is stagnant
The D has been good but they’ve shown they’ll give up a lot of points when forced to be on the field a lot bc of Sanders.

OU 42 - OSU 17

Not falling into the hope that this year is the year. Gundy fails to deliver during bedlam and I don’t expect this year to be any different.

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Although I’m a diehard fan, we just don’t have the firepower on the offense as we normally would. Our O-line is lacking in depth and OU will win this easily. Our only hope would be if we win big in the turnover battle. Maybe we can rattle Rattler.

I wouldn’t dare think about taking OSU outright to win for a second because, well it’s bedlam. But I’d be tempted to bet the over and for OSU to cover, especially with the line moving to double digits. For whatever reason, OSU always scores loads of points in bedlam when the offense is so-so and struggles when the office is good. Gundy for ya.

Anyways, I’d be surprised if OU could hold OSU to anything under 20-24, and OU has been held to less than 30 in the regular season only twice in their past 40 games, one of those was against ball dominant army. OSU’s defensive containment this year has consistently been better than most big 12 defenses OU has seen over the past few years, so they’ll slow Ou down but no ones shutting OU out, regardless of what defense they play. I’ll say 38-31 OU, covering the over and OSU covering the spread. If it’s true that Rattler is still hurt with that hip, I may move that 38 down but OSU has a tendency to score less when their defense allows less. A great nod to Gundy’s conservatism.

The game will lie heavily on our O-line. If they play their cleanest game, OSU has a great shot to win. OSU’s defense is better than OUs. But that’s been their Achilles hill all year long, and OU will have the best defensive front OSU has seen, so I’m not very optimistic. I think the O line will play better after the Bye but OU’s talent on the line will overshadow OSU’s progression. I don’t think OU runs away with it though, unless Sanders pulls some Texas game reenactment with tons of turnovers.

That is not what is happening right now. FanDuel was at 9.5 last night and is down to 5.5 now. The referenced William Hill is at 7.

If we hadn’t crapped the bed against Texas, this game wouldn’t even matter. With that said, we can still finish the regular season 7-2 after this loss.

I agree. We’ve went totally away from our offensive identity and have traded for a K State like offense where every game comes down to the wire with either a close win or close loss.

OU doesn’t have to have the better defense in this one with how inconsistent and crappy this offense has looked all season. I don’t think OU will blow this team out (because of the defense) but I also don’t think it will be particularly close.

OU 31 OSU 17.

Gundy conservatism is what will cause OSU to get beat. OU is actually fairly solid on defense in the front 7. If Sanders can limit his turnovers and OSU can get the ball to Woods and Wallace then yes I like their chances. I just have a HUGE feeling though Gundy will play this game too safe and rely to much on the defense to win it for him.

Yeah…8-2 with a 3rd place finish or lower. After all, that is what’s expected around here, right?

If I’m not mistaken we’ve changed our philosophy from trying to win the Big 12 and beating OU to going and play some average to above average team in a bowl game.

As Gundy would say “This game is just like any other” and that’s exactly what it will probably be treated as this Saturday.

Yep. Hate being so negative but Gundy has shown to be conservative in bedlam. His loyalty to Sanders will also bite this team in the rear.

Look at the offense last year when Sanders went out…Brown spread the ball around. When Sanders is in he always throws to Wallace with the occasional throw to stoner. He’s been trying to incorporate Woods but it’s been very inconsistent.

Spread the ball around. Run some screens or RPOs

I think Brennan Presley really needs to be used more in the slot and Woods needs to be spread out more as well. I refuse to believe the best thing we have offensively is a curl route, screen pass, and run up the gut.

I’ve rarely if any seen slant passes for anywhere from 5-7 yard gains. That would actually help out the running game, OL, and Wallace on deep passes, but I guess we’ve totally abandoned that for the “fear” of having a player hurt. Even though they know the risks they are taking and football is a full contact sport.

Well you know Gundy won’t utilize Pres to his fullest

After reading Gundy’s comments, I am definitely confident of this being a blowout. I know he’s been known to beat around the bush but his comments on Chuba, LD, and Tylan were not reassuring. I know coaches play mind games to screw with opponents game plan but doesn’t take much a game plan to stop Sanders lol take LD, Chuba, and Tylan out, this is going to be bad.