Bid the mob good day

Turn out the lights, the party’s over!

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I’m honestly waiting for how the Gundy apologists army is going to spin this one. Atrocious from front to back.

Chuba hesitating to go forward on run plays…the offensive line playing down to the competition…Spencer throwing right to Tech players (!).

This happens every…single…year. We always lose a game like this, where the team is not prepared, at all. When will this nonsense stop?

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Retirement. That’s it. There is no other time.

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It costs 17 million to get rid of Gundy. There is no way to do that without completely kneecapping the replacement search and severely limiting whoever you do get when they go to fill out their staff.

It isn’t apologia it’s stating an issue that no one has a real way around.

Almost every single coach has one of these games a year. Except for Saban. Yes it sucks but you act like it doesn’t happen to everyone

He’s not going to get fired - on this we can agree. He has done several things in terms of playcalling/preparation/game management/recruiting/etc. that are WORTHY of a reduction/removal of his raise - this is also true.

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Really? Every coach has a game like that? Maybe they lose close games. This wasn’t close (despite the final score). They (Tech) looked well-prepared.

Would you like me to start listing those games Gundy has lost every season, where we should’ve demolished the other team, but instead lost atrociously?

No you do not need to. I’ve been on the sideline for most of those games. Urban Meyer at Ohio State had a couple games like this. It happens and it sucks, but that’s football. Sometimes the other team is going to punch you in the mouth like you weren’t expecting.

The term for it is Clemsoning so I’d say it hits even elite coaches.

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Texas Tech beat us 41-17 last season.

So, two seasons in a row?

He’ll never get fired. He could loose every game from now through the next season and he won’t even lose a dollar of his raise.