Big 12 ADs, CEOs to Meet Thursday about Texas, OU Situation

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The meeting is at 4 p.m. Thursday.

This is to late. We should have raised this to 12 teams a while ago or been the one to make the super conference.

If this is a ploy for Texas and ou to get more power in the big 12 dnt fold Chad. Stick to a bluff and tell them no.

Let me help with agenda:

Item #1: Attendance. Motion made to excuse representatives from OU and Texas from this meeting.
Seconded. Motion passes 8-2.

Item #2: Buy-out. Negotiate or no-negotiate, i.e. “pay in full.” Motion made for no-negotiate. Do I hear a second. Motion passes 8-0.

Item #3: Expansion. Motion made to extend invites immediately to Brigham Young, Boise State, Southern Methodist and Houston. Seconded. Motion passes 8-0.

Item #4: Contingency: SEC deal falls through. Motion made to remove OU and Texas from conference due to conduct detrimental to the conference. Seconded. Motion passes 8-0.

Item #5: Horns down ruling clarification. Motion made to NOT penalize players, public, presidents or ADs for flashing “horns down” at any time for any reason. Seconded. Motion passes 8-0.



If it won’t hurt us I would let those 2 yahoos go to the sec.

Really I would mind playing in the pac 12. And take a break play ou until they cry and want to play us again.
I can see ou thinks they could make it in the sec. But Texas is on drugs if they think they could

It hurts us if they leave. There is no way around it.

One thought: the meeting could be a potential “hey, we don’t know where this rumor started” mea culpa thing for OU and Texas – who have to be collectively thinking WTF! that this story was leaked and their efforts to bolt are potentially ruined.

IF – big IF – the Big 12 comes out of this meeting that everything stays intact, there should be agreements signed by Texas and OU – and every other school – that would make future departures financially impossible. Only when a majority of conference schools vote to disband are departure penalties waived.

This is so simple. If uo and ut announce they are going, hurt them another way. Every opponent cancels/ forfeits the game when playing them. Play all the rest of your games and some will still be in a bowl. uo will not be picked up in the final 4 teams again and ut never stood a chance anyway. Our good teams will go to bowls either way. Also make uo and ut ineligible for the conference crown, so not playing in Jerry World. Most if not all lose to uo anyway.

If ou and Texas stay we need to make a move to expand