Big 12 Cancels Basketball Tournament Because of COVID-19 Pandemic

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The Big 12 shuts down its conference tournament.


COVID-19. The 19th version. We’ve already survived the first 18, so I don’t think v.19 deserves the response we’re seeing. Swine flu had a bigger incidence rate and comparable fatality rate. Ain’t skeered and ain’t canceling any of my activities.

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This is so dumb. People are worried about nothing. The only people that should be of concern are the elderly and ones with preexisting health issues. Awesome start to March madness! Pretty much guarantees the NCAA tournament is canceled. Morons bent out of shape about nothing.

Thanks for robbing us of the opportunity to beat Kansas and win a berth to the NCAA tournament Covid-19, you jerk!!!

As a fan, this sucks. A lot. But it’s probably right move. At this point, it’s about containment, limiting the speed at which it spreads and preventing the health care system from being overwhelmed.

It’s not about the athletes, who are probably low risk, but friends and family that they would put at risk by facilitating the spread of COVID-19. It’s about my 100 year old grandmother that wouldn’t survive if she got it. Or even my parents that would struggle with it, especially if the hospitals are overwhelmed and they can’t get in.

This is going to cost the BIG XII and the NCAA a lot of money, but this is the right move. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. At all.

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The 19 comes from the year it was discovered, not the version, in case you weren’t being sarcastic. I think some of the precautions are over the top but better to err on the side of caution for those tasked with making these decisions. If a major event doesn’t shut down and a widespread outbreak can be traced back to that event the fallout would exceed that of cancellation. Events can be rescheduled, there is nothing magic about playing basketball in March.


More importantly, how can the NCAA or NIT even go forward without conference tournament champions filling in the automatic bids? Just use regular season champs? IMHO they should just push everything down the road by a couple of months. Freeze all standings and results where they are. Allow teams to continue practicing according to normal time limits etc. Then pick up where they left off.Might have to shift venues and such based on other scheduled events but I bet there would be places jumping at the chance to host later than usual tournaments.

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Does this mean we are co-champions of the Big 12 post-season tournament? Hang the banner…

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