Big 12 Championship: Bohanon to Practice for Baylor, Plus OSU Depth Chart and TV Info

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How to watch and projected starters for the conference title game.

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What did TCU do to beat them?

Scored more points…

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Could be a decoy move, captain obvious here speaking tho. My opinion only I don’t think Bohanon is a good passer as the other kid. I guess a young kid could recover from a hamstring pull that quick but I thought his injury was worse. One would think even playing on a sore hamstring could aggravate it and cause more damage. I’m not a doctor either.

A friend told me last night that someone on TV stated that OK State has a 37% chance to be in the playoffs If we don’t get in it will be due to the Iowa State curse once again. Regardless of where we end up, obviously one of the most memorable teams in Cowboy history. Only chance of changing the odds for the invite is to pile up a ton of points against the Bears. Those uniforms for Bedlam looked fantastic.

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Really? Okay….what did TCU do scheme wise to beat them?

I told people on here that the committee and all the media outlets would try to screw us if it’s between a 12-1 OSU and 11-1 ND. Hopefully I’m wrong but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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Plan on scoring more than Baylor?

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Is that a scheme?

Must be … it worked

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It’s always the best scheme

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You’re definitely correct on that point. Of course, having Kelly leaving ND to be the HC at LSU could work into our favor assuming we take care of business Saturday.

As long as we take care of business I think we will be fine. Georgia taking care of business as well will really solidify it.


I hope so. I don’t trust this committee as far as I can thrown them and considering how out of shape I am, that ain’t much :sweat_smile:

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That’s nonsense.

538 has us at 60% to get in right now. If the only variable you change is to have us win Saturday, it goes to 97%. Bama winning is the only thing that would make it even slightly hairy for us, and even then it’s a 93% chance to get in. We just have to win Saturday.

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Played Chandler Morris at QB. No one had seen him play before, so they weren’t prepared for his skill set. He threw for 461 yards and ran for 75.

Then let’s put Ethan Bullock in the game and see how they react.

Miles to ou

He’s too old. They’ll probably bring back Mike Leach.

That has been confirm the ad does not like leach.
I guess u miss the list of good year we had a only bein under 3rd place twice.

All the other teams beside ou have drop off years. And way worse the a couple of 7 and 6 sprinkled in.
So no u r crying not being realistic.
Let’s look at how u know the college world
Coach u like
Indiana Tulane miss state smu.
Smu let tulsa become bowl bound. That made msu a top 15 fcs and boise and tulsa going to bowls.
Yes u know alot. Tulsa played 3 top 10 teams and a top 10 fcs team. And still was better then Indiana and Tulane.
Why do u try