Big 12 coaches in five years

How many current head coaches are still coaching at their respective school?

Has to be less than 5 right? Gundy, Riley, Patterson, Les, Campbell and at least one newbie right? Maybe the better question, who will be the last one coaching at their current school?

My guess would be Chris Klieman. Seems like the KSU folks like him a lot!

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Patterson will outlast them all. Dude is following in Synder’s footprints.


That’s probably a good call. I’m honestly surprised KSU didn’t hire Patterson when they hired Ron Prince. Would have worked out a thousand times better for them.


WV likes Brown if he gets them a winning record next year he could stick around awhile . I think Campbell is gone if there win 10 a d beat Iowa

I bet only Patterson is in the conference in 5 years.

Gundy, Patterson and Les should take their millions and relax within 5 years.

My opinion - it’s not primarily about money for these guys. These are all some of the most competitive people on the planet.


I agree. I just think for their health more of them need to follow the Stoops/Petersen plan.

Yes this is exactly true. Art Briles is a perfect example. He made, what, $20m off his settlement with Baylor?

Buy yourself a nice ranch in the Hill country and live off the interest on that settlement for the rest of your life, dude!

But instead he spent four years trying to get back in to coaching.

And yes… He should be in jail… But alas.


He is kind of in jail, living in Mt. Vernon…

If anyone is following in Snyder’s footsteps it’s Gundy. Biggest difference is Snyder won two conference championship’s, Gundy never will.

Snyder is well considered one of the greatest coaches in college football history. So I’d say that’s pretty good company.

Patterson isn’t just worth $10-20 million. Think $70+ million. It’s DEFINITELY not about the money.

Patterson will live out his coaching career at TCU.

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The K State fans appreciated everything that Snyder did but were ready to move on for the last 5 years.
Back to Gundy, how many more years does he get for one conference title? 5? 10? 20? He would still be younger than Snyder.

I don’t see Gundy wanting to coach much more than 5 years. I see him following more of the Stoops model than the Snyder one, just without a many championships. Could see him using Dunn as coach incumbent as Stoops did with Riley.

Until he rattles off three 5-7 seasons in a row or something disastrous happens within the program he has a job. Or attendance drops precipitously, ala Travis Ford.

And I agree with @scott6, Gundy won’t coach past 60 I don’t think.

It’ll take at least 8 years to get his kids thru college. Which will make it close to twenty years since the last conference title.