Big 12 Conference Releases Wrestling Tournament Brackets

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Three Cowboys earned top seeds in the Big 12 tourney.

Not been a great year some injuries
I hope they are going in healthy. The big boys I dnot see going. Those other 8 had better get in gear and win.

Reading between the lines from coach Smith’s recent interview, our injured guys are not going into the tournament healthy. He expects them to use mind over matter from what he said. Spencer Lee last year willed himself to a NCAA title while wrestling with 2 torn ACLs. But how many other guys can pull that off?
I don’t like the idea of Whittlake having to wrestle. You just know he is not going to be able to go very far until his injury takes him out. Probably the same thing holds true for Mastro. It’s going to be a tough tournament to watch because the team is the walking wounded. Otherwise, it would be 10 in a row.