Big 12 Expansion Seems More Inevitable Than Ever

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If the league can keep its members on the same page.

Is OSU ever on an important Big-12 or NCAA committee, just askin! Why 2 Texas schools? Just askin’?


I agree. Why not have each member school involved? I’m worried Baylor will engage in self dealing and prevent Houston from being invited, even though Houston’s inclusion strengthens the conference as a whole.

If you recall, Baylor fought hard to keep TCU out. Thankfully, David Boren threw his weight around to get TCU invited.

is this a byu advertisement?..nielson …salt lake city #30 and utah…dallas fort worth #5…houston #8 and texas…for myself…unless byu has a Heisman candidate on the field…iam not watching …regardless of record or who they have played

Personally, I’m not a fan of BYU football. It’s not 1984 and Ty Detmer has been long gone. But, I believe the TV number-crunchers think they’d add value to our conference. They’re the experts. We’ll see.

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Freakin’ Jimmy’s Johns!
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which tv number crunchers do you refer? i would like to read…please and thank you

If I were the Big 12 I would expand because it’s a means of survival, and the 8 remaining schools probably have more tv value than most of the group of 5 schools. So I would pick a handful of group of 5’s make a best of the rest conference. And then make sure my tv deal aligns with the SEC’s that way If in 10-15 years this all blows up and there’s some schools that want out everyone’s tv deals are up and you can create a new conference with real teams.

Are you kidding? It’s everywhere, including an article that was posted on this site just four hours ago, which itself cites an Athletic article.

lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…what i thought…bogus…pistol firing…disney…espn…employee/stand in…smh…not unexpected

Seems like someone, moi, has been saying this for a while. Fire Bowlsby and hire me! Dude probably goes to Happy Hour every day and drowns his sorrows instead of thinking of potential new members to holler at!

Potentials should include, not saying they’d be interested or should get invited:
• Nebraska (B1G is never gonna work out for them, at lea$t for footy)
• A&M (ice ball chance but they are not happy discoTEX was let into the SEC)
• Arkansas (small chance I know)
• UCF and USF

  • Houston
    • SMU
    • BYU

Gotta get it back to 12 teams. Might even want to boot Kansas out cause they stink, hah hah.

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I have hope that the Big12 will stick together. Expansion invitations will occur probably in mid October…just like in 2010.

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UCF, Cincy, BYU, Houston are good candidates. Boise St and Memphis’s facilities aren’t great and their academics are poor…that could work against them when the university presidents gather. Perhaps USF…but their facilities are lacking.

There won’t be any thing happen until Texass and 0-u pay up and leave. If they wait it out to 2025 then that’s how long it will be before the Exasperated Eight make a move to expand or disband. They still have a vote you know until their butts are gone!

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Give me in this order:

UCF (biggest public school in the country and helps us with expanded recruiting)

BYU (strong fan base, poor man’s version of Notre Dame)

Air Force (obvious strong fan base, good in most sports, and gives a good regional opponent for BYU)

Boise St/USF (way down the list, but could be fillers)

Houston (OSU has nothing to gain with this. It’s hard enough to recruit Houston with A&M and LSU. Houston being in a “Power 5” would only help them)

Okay….let’s place bets on if Bowlsby actually does anything. I’m going to say maybe (50/50 chance) but it’s not going to be anything we like.

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I heard Boren was throwing his weight around for a different kind of invitation. Something about a young male staffer.

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Bowlsby is weak sauce. I expect mediocrity.

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Here is my new Big 12, the Great Plains Athletic Conference

North… West Virginia, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State then add BYU, a whole lot of eyeballs, and see if you can coax Air Force out of the Mountain West, a whole lot more eyeballs, and some fun game-day experiences.

South… Oklahoma State, Baylor, Texas Tech, TCU and add SMU for marginal access to the Dallas market and Houston for marginal access to the Houston market.

I know… Utah, West Virginia, and (in some breakdowns) Iowa are not in the Great Plains. Nothings perfect.


I’m trying to look at this geographically. It would make more sense having Kansas, K State, Iowa State, Cincinnati, Boise State, and BYU in a Northern region with each other.

Then having OSU and the Texas schools within close proximity of each other. Essentially the Big 12 is going to become the old Big East of college football (if the conference survives) and will still be looked at as the weakest link.

Still though, it would be better than going to the AAC where there isn’t a snow balls chance in hell of making it into the CFP. Even then with how much influence the SEC has over ESPN and other college football pundits you would literally have to go undefeated in a Big 12 realignment that’s set up that way.