Big 12 Eyeing Further Expansion after Agreeing on Early Exit of OU, Texas

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It looks like the Big 12 is back in the market for schools.

I’m not interested in the Arizona schools or Colorado (by themselves) as it has been much speculated. However, get Washington and Oregon along with the 4 Corners schools and we’d be cooking.

It’s going to be interesting to see if the Big 12 can raid the PAC or can the PAC survive and stabilize. As of right now, who knows how this ends.
You have to feel sorry for schools like Washington State and Oregon State. If their conference dissolves, those two are most likely going to end up in a G5 conference like the Mountain West. That means a big pay cut and a bunch of honest hard working people losing their jobs.
Hypothetically speaking, if the PAC were to dissolve and the Big 12 had their choice of 4 PAC schools, my preference would go:
1 Oregon
2 Washington
3 Arizona
4 Colorado
5 Arizona State
6 Utah
Utah is a good program (one I would like in the Big 12), but the Big 12 already has a foothold in Utah with BYU, which I would say has the better brand.
I think the Big 12 only needs one AZ school as its foothold in the state and I think that Arizona is a better draw than Arizona State.
Adding Colorado brings the Big 12 back in that state and hopefully Coach Prime can revitalize their program.

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I first want to know how many teams we think this league will have. If the pac 12 falls apart so will the acc.

We have to have a balance no matter if it 16 to 32.
3 teams out east and 5 out west will piss some people off.

ACC seems to be locked until their deal ends. The SEC would be all over FSU and Clemson if they could get them right now.


I know yhats why i find it had that we grow.

Personal i just want Oregon and washington

The only way the big12 keeps up with the other 2 is get the best left overs.

Colorado with prime time mite be a big time program
Until he leaves

Yeah the deal with the ACC doesn’t end until 2036.

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My obligatory Memphis post

Colorado higher-ups have already said they have no interest in rejoining the Big XII so let them rot in the Mountain West. Zona, Zona State, Utah and one other.

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Those two want to join the B1G, let them go.

That doesn’t make sense RE Zona over Zona State. Media market comparison, PHX vs Tuscon???

How much of a draw is Arizona State in the Phoenix market? From what I read, it’s not that much. It’s basically a coin flip between AZ and AZ State so I went with AZ because they’ve been a bit better in the revenue sports, namely men’s basketball.

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This was a decent ranking of potential expansion if the PAC were to fall apart

Where is Zona State located? Where is UA?

Dude, I’m fully aware where ASU (Phoenix) and AU (Tuscon) are located. Just because a school resides in a large metro doesn’t automatically make a huge draw. If it was, then a school like SMU, Temple, or South Florida would’ve been in a P5 conference a long time ago.


Dallas is already covered. Nobody is going after Temple, at least conferences around here. USF is bleh, that’s why UCF (Orlando) was chosen and USF was not. But stay woke.