Big 12 Might Reportedly Extend Invites to BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF This Month

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Big 12 expansion is moving quickly.

It’s a great move. Get it going. I do hope the big brass have talked to tv’s brass. I see we will go down in money. We will double the student population. Pick up new and big markets. This league will be just as good as acc or pac12. So 30 million.

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Add all 4 if not 6 immediately. Reserve exit fees to original 8. This dilutes share to 14 or 16 pieces of pie, probably forcing OU TX to split right away and pay the fees.

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Expansion moving rapidly? I think this might be considered an oxymoron.

Great to see this. Let’s go to sixteen and put a fork in the AAC. Memphis, USF, SMU, and possibly Boise from the mwc.

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“Just as good as the ACC or PAC 12”? Im just talking football. Thats it. There is no program in the Big 8 that is better than Clemson, FSU, Va Tech, Miami or UNC. THAT IS BETTER. OSU is similar to UNC. Now go to the PAC 12. USC and Oregon are clearly better. I say Stanford is a better job/program. If you think the Big 8 and BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF make that 12 teams be as good as those other 2? No.

I will give u Clemson, that’s it. Osu just beat Miami. Idiot.
U throw ku out the other eleven play close to each other. Acc and pac 12 have bad teams and not very good top teams. Besides Clemson.
We will get some network games. The fs1 and lower espen games will be good numbers because of good games. So won’t have those 4 million games but alot of 1.5.

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I think our overall end game is to push for an SEC invitation. By all measures, we are an SEC school. Football-focused, geographically positioned in SEC country, our academic profile fits right in, and we have a strong fan base. The Big 16 (if it becomes that), is merely a placeholder until the SEC expands again.

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Do you mean historically? Outside of Clemson, none of those teams you named are all that good recently. FSU isn’t THAT far removed from being a national champ, but they’ve been pretty bad lately. I would take OSU to beat anyone you mentioned except Clemson and Oregon would probably be a toss-up. Not that we’re head and shoulders above those teams, but I think we would edge them out or should be favorited to win. All of those teams are probably on par with TCU and K-State over the last five years and everyone you mentioned except Clemson is worse than Iowa State right now.


VA tech really?

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He put down the only other team that’s any good that would be north Carolina.

Why Memphis, USF and SMU? They suck in football.

I just now seen the UNC deal :man_facepalming:

We need to get expanded and then see if we can work some kind scheduling alliance with one of the P4 leagues. If you could do that it would greatly help strength of schedule and strength of the conference.

KState beat OU. What does that prove? I’m not even wasting my time on you. You’re the dumbest poster on this site

Florida St? USC? Oregon? Those teams don’t do anything for you?

Ok……you people need to understand the difference between GOOD TEAMS TODAY & good programs. OSU could beat anyone other than Clemson if they lined up today. But that doesn’t mean you’re a better program. For any of you to argue that OSU is a better program than FSU……you’re nuts

Ist is a fact but why r u bring it up. I did not rite about it in the post u tag. So who is the moron.

If they get u hard that’s great.

I don’t know what the hell you just said