Big 12 Officially Announces Plan to Proceed with Fall Sports

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Big 12 football is on in 2020.

Quite the pickle for the Kyles.

On one hand all the pro COVID lockdown blue states say no football for you.

On the other hand all the pro FREEDOM red states say yes football for you.

They have to thread the needle on this one or they will piss their friends off

I don’t think the Kyle’s care. Maybe they do. But you are right in that the conference’s choosing to play vs those not, is absolutely a political reflection. PAC 12 (west coast blue states) Big 10 (northern blue states) vs SEC and Big 12 (Midwest and Southern red states). I think part of it is that the two conferences playing are much more economically dependent on college football. Even if folks don’t want to hear it, Gundy was still right: “gotta pump money through the state”.