I am starting to wonder if the Big 12 sending a cease and desist letter to ESPN has caused games like the one this weekend in Stillwater to be put on ESPN+. I also wonder what the options will be for tv going forward once this contract is up. Do you think the Big12 dug itself in a hole with ESPN or will they be the first Power5 conference to show games on a streaming service.

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I hate ESPN + . I’d rather watch it with it filmed by a drunk guy with a cell phone.

Espn are morons. Correct me if lm wrong , but the ksu osu game was on espn- last too. I think we were both rank in all polls. So they just dnt know what their doing.

They aren’t happy we stayed together to. We need to make a network but not thru espn. They have proven with there own brand and the acc, pac12, and longhorn.

Yes. Not very smart by Bowlsby to send that letter and accuse ESPN of being unethical. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I wonder how interested ESPN will be to negotiate for our tv inventory in 2024. I assume not very, and we’ll be stuck negotiating with Fox and CBS only.

The talk is, if the order had merit then espn will do their best to sweeten the big 12 deal. So we will have to see.
The last 2 ksu games have been on espn- so its hard to tell if espn has changed.

I think OSU and KSU each have passionate distributed fan bases but do not draw the casual “what game am I gonna watch now” college football fan very well. As a result, a ranked vs. ranked OSU vs. KSU matchup is an ideal ESPN+ game… forcing the passionate fan bases to get subscriptions. If the game was later in the season with real CFP ranking implications, it would be on a major network. that’s my theory anyway.


I agree. Fox is are main tv network. I just think that the networks make more fans then the teams.
Like me I was a Dallas fan from a kid. Why I saw them play all the time, back in the day.

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