Big 12 Presidents Vote for 10-Game Football Season

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Would you rather OSU keep the Western Illinois or Tulsa game?

Tulsa over Western Illinois. Is that even a question?

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No doubt we’re playing an in-state opponent for the one non-conference game.

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I definitely want Tulsa, but I saw more speculation it was going to be Illinois - anyone know why that might be? Less money?

Tulsa makes more sense on every level. Better team so better ops. Closer so lower travel cost. Closer so lower risk for spread of covid. Game is played sooner so if something happens and someone gets covid during the game that means more time to quarantine and recover before conference party starts.

10 regular season games
+1 Big 12 Championship game
+1 BCS semi-final game
+1 BCS championship game

13 games. I’m good.

Why not use the Tulsa game as a scrimmage and keep the W Illinois game to get in more work? Although that adds more exposure to COVID-19. Just thinking out loud…

As much as I’d like to see OSU play in those three games I highly doubt it will happen.