Big 12 RB Superlatives: Looking at the League's Best Returning Rushers

Originally published at: Big 12 RB Superlatives: Looking at the League's Best Returning Rushers | Pistols Firing

Who’s most likely to win a Heisman and who will fill the next man up role.

I have no concerns about Richardson’s ability. I worry about the ability of the O-line to be able to do what is needed to make D.R. a star. We seem to always have RBs and receivers who perform at a high level. The same cannot be said for our O-lines. As Gundy has essentially said, a QB is only as good as his protection. Fingers crossed while watching the O-line next season with pins and needles.


I think the O-line has a chance to be pretty good. I’m excited by some of the transfers. I guess you never know until they get out there.


I hope he gets better vision this year and stay health.
We got the a&m kid he should be fresh.

The oline should be as good as last year if we dnt have a ton of injuries it should be better.

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I’m so weary of hearing about Texas. And Texas players.

Maybe beat Kansas, then we can talk about the Longhorns and the players on the UT roster.


They’re going to have to address the OL issue extremely quick, or one of these more shifty backs is going to need to step up. Richardson isn’t a back that’s going to bounce off a lot of defenders or make deep cuts to make a guy miss (consistently anyway). He’s just not that type of back.To me he’s more like a Jeremy Smith or Desmond Roland type of back.

What I don’t want is to rely on Sanders to try and pass the offense all the way to victory. If we’re going to do that we need to let Sanders play fast in the passing game. That’s where he excels. Especially if we have an offensive line that’s going to struggle rush blocking and making the needed adjustments to protect Sanders.

I think that the Notre Dame game showed that quick release is the name of the game for Sanders. What should go along with that is some more passing over the middle and use of Cowboy backs for more than 2 yard gains.

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Gundy’s only going to let them play fast when they are behind. If expect it any other time, you will be very disappointed…

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Yes, you jogged my memory. Playing catch up does seem to be the name of the game in Stillwater.

AR is right. We only played fast when we were behind last season. We also don’t seem to have any interest in using the Cowboy Back as another viable receiving option for Sanders either.

Your so pround of your dad.
What i love is you guys couldnt handle a whole game of going fast. But, im glad you love it. Why throw to a te when we got recievers.

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Just a reminder.

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What does pround mean? Look dude…if you want me to have any respect for anything you have to say try proofreading and editing for once.

Why not throw to the TE when the defense leaves the middle of the field open?

What i find funny is you dnt want sanders to be a drop back qb and throw to the middle.

If Sanders rolls out he would have to throw across his body to throw in the middle. I know your lack of knowledge, first lesson not have your gb throw acroos his body. Second if he rolls out that limits the true field to less then half. Third we had 29 drops, if we were throwing in the middle how many of those drops trun into pics.

We should always try to use the whole field. There are reason not to.

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So because we want him to throw to the middle a few times a game it means he HAS to be a pure drop back QB? How about play calling and adequate QB coaching? That might help some.

Nobody said to not use the entire field. All we’re saying is if the other team is going to give something to you then find a way to take it. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.

Your not listen to your own words you want sanders to roll out. You dnt even understand what i wrote. Rolling out takes out most of the field and the middle.

You guys have these list of wants that contradict each other. Your a moron.

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