Big 12 Re-Intro: Colorado Returns to the Big 12

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Reintroducing you to the Buffaloes following Thursday’s realignment news.

“It’s Prime Time, baby.”

Yes……indeed it is!!!

AZ is the next target IMO.
Get them and puts pressure on the remaining PAC schools for the final 2 spots

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With all the talk with arizona im surpised they havent jumped. If we are only going to 16 and we got to pick up a g5 out east, that leaves us with just 2 spot. We maybe holding out for Oregon and washington.

I don’t think Utah wants to come, I don’t think the Big 12 is nuts about Oregon or Washington because they won’t be committed. I think the two Arizona schools come and Yormark gets his wish and brings UConn in for 16.

First off Oregon and washington are not getting a full membership from big10 if they going. Rutgers still only getting a part money. They should have some understanding. Also we are taking on 3 more teams. They understand if pac 12 loses 2 or 3 more the conference is done. They can leave on the next big ten deal. Oregon have been in talks with the big 12


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I think this all plays out in one of three ways:

  1. Arizona joins the Big 12 and two other PAC schools follow getting the Big 12 to sixteen teams
  2. Arizona joins the Big 12 but the remaining PAC schools decide to stay together. Big 12 stays at fourteen teams.
  3. All remaining PAC schools stay together. Big 12 adds UConn getting the Big 12 to fourteen teams.

Guess we’ll find out in the next few weeks.

I think we only go to 16 if Oregon and Washington want in. If they don’t we stay at 14.

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I can see that