Big 12 Releases Statement after Meeting about OU, Texas SEC Rumors

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“The eight members strongly desire to retain the current composition.”

Just a shame OSU never established itself as anything more than a 3rd tier football program.

They are saying they want out by January.
So let’s get hopping.

Yea I’m probably wrong thinking this but I wonder if things would be different if we had beaten OU a few more times in the last 10 years and had 1-2 more big 12 titles. Having said that we have taken Texas to the wood shed more often than not during that time so perhaps beating the blue bloods doesn’t matter. I will say that if this move does happen I’m never watching the OU/Texas game again. i watched it in the past only because it was a big 12 conference game (I try to watch as many conference games as I can) and since I don’t like either team I always enjoyed watching one of them lose. If they go to the SEC I won’t care anymore so I won’t be watching.

On the whole point of if we beat ou and won more titles. Or as ar0 puts it not been a 3rd tier team.
Main point would not have changed anything.

Ou and Texas have not won a natty in over 15 years together. They r considered a blue blood.

Texas hasn’t won a big 12 title in what the same time.
Texas is a large school in a large state that loves football. Ou is about the same.

I mean there r people on here that dnot consider Clemson a blue blood.
So a few ou wins a couple of big 12 titles or even a couple of nattys would not give us the swagger of a blue blood. So keep making ur lil jokes

Now that is done a real question how does this chit effect recruiting. Not one of u genius have thought past missing riley.

We’re the 30th most valued program in the country.


The issue is money.

Stop pandering to OU and Texas.

Let them go, but enforce the rules. Think about offering the $152M they’ll owe to A&M and Mizzou.

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It can improve recruiting on the one hand. Recruiters can extol the hype of playing for the new leader of the pack, Cowboys favored to compete for conference championship and perhaps a playoff slot.
On the other hand, if Big 12 is considered second rate football conference without OU and Texas, then that could hamper recruiting. So it all depends on how good you are at marketing and winning games. There will always be plenty of 3 stars wanting to be Cowboys.

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My main concern is this year’s class. Kids bailing because of the uncertainty. We will be a power 5 team.

Every school should have a head hunter on its rooster.
When anybody plays ou and Texas give them something to remember us by.

So much about the move is uncertain but we have read so far that since OU and Texas have tv contracts not expiring until 2025 then they cannot leave until then. If that is true, it should not result in our committed recruits going elsewhere. However, I think OU and Texas will find a way to leave for the 2022 season. Some kind of buyout clause might be in those contracts. OSU will seem like a much better team without OU creaming us in Bedlam. I happen to think in the long run that change is usually good. Let Gundy earn his money now. Although a minor concern to most, I will regret the loss of yet another wrestling program for the Big 12. Just when OU was starting to get stronger in wrestling thanks to their new coach and Bedlam in wrestling was becoming competitive again.

It’s like 60 million and I have heard as soon as January

Gundy; the coach that took us from 4th in the Big 12 to 4th in the American.

Ur rite let’s completely screw everthing up and hire a new coach.