Big 12 Reportedly in Discussions with Pac-12's 'Four Corners Schools' to Potentially Join League

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Realignment never sleeps!

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Utah yes because of football.
ASU yes bc of wrestling and baseball.
U of A because of basketball.
Colorado offers nothing except cross country and they left the Big 12, so leave them out for good.
I realize expansion is no longer about sports. It’s totally about TV market revenue.
Regardless, with Houston and Cincinnati joining, OSU football and basketball had better try to take recruiting to a higher level if they want to be in the top tier of conference standings.
And just forget about adding Gonzaga. We don’t have men’s volleyball. Our basketball team has enough trouble beating our existing members.
With lucrative TV revenue I would try to stipulate that our new members add a wrestling program within 2 years. If they don’t do that, then they get less TV revenue.
Welcome Sun Devil wrestling!

If something does happen hopefully it forces Oregon and Washington to join the Big 12 for at least a period of time. If they get invited to the Big 10 after a while that’s fine we can let them go. Just make em pay up to do so and let them be on their way.


Colorado has a little sizzle with the Prime hire. That may fade quickly, but clearly the Buffaloes are trending in the sports world.


I would’ve rebuffed the buffs before prime time . It’s more of a wait and see now but it’s interesting .

Eh I believe it when I see it. Makes me wonder if Oregon and Washington are talking to the Big 10.

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Lipstick on a pig

Were talking expansion not your preferences

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Not a fan of including Colorado. This is my perception so I could be wrong but I’m under the impression that Buff fans view themselves as too good for us, also not a real fan of the clown show feel brought on by their current head coach.


I think AZ and ASU are really the only two without the holier than thou view on the big 12. Utah fans online are horrendously arrogant.

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Never really thought about all the looking down on the big 12 from the pac 12s perception

I think he should tell Colorado to take a hike, after their powers that be stated emphatically they had no desire to rejoin the Big XII. Let them rot in the Mountain West and pick Oregon State instead.

Oregon and UW better hope the B1G lets them join as well. I feel sorry for Wazzu, which is in a not-very-convenient location like Morgantown, and Oregon State.

They already have been, right after they heard U$C and Ucla are off to the tundra.

Nobody is gonna want those three schools because of minor sports, it doe$n’t work that way. It’s mostly about media markets. Utah is definitely worthwhile although SLC will cover Big XII now due to BYU, but yeah, their football program is strong. ASU = the ever-growing PHX market. UA being in Tuscon doesn’t bring a ton but it’s not tiny either and it works well w/ Zona State and Utah being in. I agree w/ you RE Colorado, mostly because of the arrogance shown by their top brass when questioned about rejoining the Big XII, not cause of cross country, lol.

oSu would have to add women’s volleyball, only Big XII school w/out a program, but I just don’t see us ever making a men’s team. zero $$$ potential.

If you wanna see some real arrogance check out Utah. Their head is the size of Texass’s with none of the success or money.

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I’ve personally never seen it. I have a friend who’s a UU alum. Don’t judge a school/team by a few fans. We’ve got our fair share of doofuses, but about a million less than zerOU, lol.