Big 12 Schedule: Three Hurdles OSU Needs to Overcome to Beat Texas Tech in 2022

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Tech brought in a defensive head coach who brought in his own offensive specialist.

Alot of people are high on tcu then tech, but i think tech will be 6 or 7th.
They still have line issue.

We shut them out last year, be hard to do it again.

Matirn had 2 in tbe hand drops. 1 for a td. Presley had a fumble. We got to do better on drops. Dom and Presley need to hang on to the ball.

Its at home. Im sure the coach and fans will have them up for it.

With texas falling apart we should go 7 and 0 at home.

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Looks like the coaching staff might have to go back to teach basic discipline and fundamentals.

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We’ve been better the last couple years at wrapping up and tackling but drops and ball security definitely bit us in the arse


OSU is 13-4 against Texas Tech during Mike Gundy’s time as head coach. This game worries me less than probably any big 12 game on the schedule including Kansas. If we lose to Baylor I think we come into this game and dismantle Tech. If we beat Baylor, I think this OSU team can beat Tech even if we don’t have our best stuff. Prior to Gundy as head coach OSU was 10-19-3 against Texas Tech.

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KU might be building something, but I can’t put any worry less than KU until they win like 5 games.


I understand what you mean. I probably feel this way because I went to a couple of the Oklahoma State vs. Kansas games that were close and I thought we were going to get beat, and I think the players are more likely to overlook Kansas.

I was at there at the Ku Game in 08??? They skunked us pretty good . I think that was the last time they beat us .

Tech is always gunning for us . So glad we blanked them last year .

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I was at the game in Lawrence in 2006 when we were losing 17-0 midway through the 3rd quarter. We ended up winning that game. That was the Adarius Bowman game.

Oklahoma State lost to Kansas in 2007. I was also at this game. It was the ABC primetime game. The fighting Mangino’s left Stillwater undefeated after that game.

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