Big 12 Team Race Coming Down to Tournament Finals

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Let’s dive into some scenarios.

Well its wild but let’s get it done

I don’t see Demas losing and Mitch Moore looks really strong. How humiliating if OU wins the tournament but they finally do have a really good coach who has quickly rebuilt that program.
Too bad Plott had to wrestle his last match injured but I think he has been wrestling injured the entire season.
I hope we have another 125 pounder for next season because MastroG., in spite of his high school accomplishments, has not impressed me, he doesn’t look strong enough.
I don’t like our chances for tonight. Iowa State had a ton of guys in the consolations as did OU. But if we don’t win the title tonight every Cowboy fan realizes it is only because of one reason, all of the injuries. Kaid Brock, Dusty Hone, Wyatt Sheets, Dustin Plott. That’s 3 weights where we would have scored more points and this would not have been that close of a team race.
But I like the resurgence of OU since it makes Bedlam once again a real brawl.

I hate the resurgence of OU. F Em. Let them suck. Forever.

I wonder if sheets mite get an at large bid. I know 2 loses not good

I can’t see why Sheets would get a bid since he has not been able to really do anything since he returned to the mat. I think it does him more good in the long run to let that knee or leg injury heal. He should never have been put in the lineup with that kind of injury. And poor Dustin Plott pretty much wrestling with just one fully functional shoulder. I hope he doesn’t end up in a Boo situation with a bum shoulder for his entire career. Because he was destined for greatness. Find me a school that has more bad breaks than OSU.