Big 12 Update: Is Texas Actually Back?

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Texas shocks Bama, while Tech and Baylor were so close to their own upsets

Yes. You go on the road and DOMINATE Bama up front…you are back. Ewers looked good. Texas was dang good up front.


Agreed. They out physicaled Bama. The only questions will be staying healthy and staying focused.

So far Cincy has been a nice surprise.

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I hope they shock Goon.

Nothing more obnoxious than UT fans…I hope they tie.

I’ll cheer for Texas over OU any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Spot on. Texas D line is legit. Getting pressure with 4 guys consistently. O line did just enough in the run game to keep Bama D honest (not easy to do especially in their house). Ewers was cool as a cucumber. He looks like a completely different guy this yr so far.

I’m not a UT fan by any means, but man was it fun to watch Saban squirm and fans leaving Bryant-Denny before the game was official.

I’m rooting for anyone to beat Bama…!!

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Tomato slice if texas back doesnt that hurt you guys even more. Im sorry but if you fire your oc its going to hurt

I thought I heard something about that. 2 games in and already talk of booting the OC…?? WT

It was about him having briles down on the field. There is no way they fire him. If brent treated him like cale he would have been fired. Ou has issues with the things briles did, but they need an oc.

I heard about the Briles thing, didn’t know they were calling for his job because he invited his father-in-law / disgraced coach down on the sidelines.

I’m hearing they decided not to open up the playbook against SMU. Keep it conservative. I didn’t watch, but a gooner at work shared gooner talk.

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I think as soon as Brent chose to hire Lebby, Joe tried to make it known he didn’t want Briles around. Lebby set the memo on fire. You can tell they aren’t all on the same page. It’s hilarious! :joy:

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The dumbass OC made a pic with Briles his profile picture after the their coach and AD came out and said it’s not acceptable and it will be dealt with. He is just taunting them at this point and I am honestly kind of surprised he hasn’t been canned yet considering they had a pretty quick trigger with Gundy.

So this is the world we live in now where a guy can’t post a picture with himself and his wife’s dad without someone getting offended… geez… LOL

Texas being back hurts OU a little. Listen, the University of Texas gets recruits anyway. So them winning will likely keep OU from getting a kid or two in every cycle that they could’ve gotten. But Texas always wins their fair share, so it doesn’t change much for OU.

“Firing the OC”!?!?! That isn’t happening. No clue where that has come from.

No one is calling for his job. It was a dumb move by Lebby. But it’s over. He said as much today in his presser with his opening statement.

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So much drama so little time…

That’s your prerogative, Undercover UT Fan, hah hah.