Big 12 Update: Recapping Bowl Season, How Entering Teams Also Did

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The Big 12 finished bowl season at 5-4.

6-3 if its the new Big 12.

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Ill ask this in a nice way, but im sure itll come off poorly so ill apologize up front

Does anyone really care what the non-playoff bowl game records are? I ask that nicely.

I did find a fact very interesting. The Big 12 as we largely knew it, will end its reign with having won 1 Playoff game. By whom? 50 years from now, the trivia question will be asked and I wonder how long it takes before someone says TCU


I like all the bowl games and I suspect that some of the transfer portal/NIL activity will downshift in the future .

I’d love to see the bowl games switch to a sort of playoff kind of deal where 32 or 64 teams are involved . One can dream eh?

Bowl games are a 50 50 deal half hate half love. There are more teams so more bowls. Do we have 2 many sure. I think there is still alot of good with bowls, for the team and the fans.

Going to 12 teams will open up more wins. Both osu and baylor won top 10 games. If big 12 gets 5th the more then like be playing a team like liberty.

I enjoy the bowl games, but TBH, I don’t think the question matters anymore for OSU fans. When the 12-team CFP starts, OSU will probably find itself playing in one of those spots around 50% of the time, hopefully more. I say that, not because of the rankings, but because it will likely include some combination of the 1-3 top teams in the Power 5 conferences. I imagine OSU will hover in the 1-3 spot most of the time, and maybe making a playoff berth, say, every other year? I’m not saying they will advance in the playoffs, but the first playoff game will essentially be our bowl game.


The NCAA basketball tourney started with 8 teams and now sports 68 teams. The football playoffs will only grow. The teams seeded 1-4 will realize, I say their Presidents and ADs, that they are mi$$ing out on an opportunity to ca$h in by not hosting a playoff game.


Journalists have gone back and figured out how many times OSU would have made the playoffs if it were a 12 team format and I think it was only twice. So expecting OSU to be in the playoffs every other year might be a reach.

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With no ou is a game changer. When ou and texas playing good thats a 1.5 game we lost every year. Add 1 game every year what would that do to the poll spots. 4 or 5 mor e playoffs

If OSU makes the playoff every other year, that’ll be bigtime successful. It also will put a lot of people on this site in quite the predicament when they claimed how College Football is dying due to the NIL/Portal……

I don’t.


If you’re asking me, not really. It’s nice but ultimately doesn’t mean much.
To be the honest the bowl game, in its traditional form, has been being devalued since the start of BCS, but it’s really accelerated due to the glut of bowl games added over the years, the advent of an actual playoff, the portal, opt outs, etc.

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Agree. But, I’m fine with it. If bowl games becoming irrelevant brings me a 12 team playoff……I’ll take it. Right now, I watch about 5 bowl/playiff games. Next year, I’ll watch all 9 playiff games alone. So it’ll double the amount of meaningful games. The actual bowl games……they could disappear as far as I’m concerned. They won’t go away because it’s an opportunity for people to make money.


I like bowls, but for me they are supposed to be conference against conference for fun and to win. However, in many cases, they are now playing their scrimmage team and even worse when one does and one doesn’t. Those blowouts are brutal.

Next year they will have the 12 team playoff so more meaningful bowls. I like seeing my team one more time and get that valuable practice time.


Gundy will find a way to get that lose somewhere. You can’t point to a single season that the only conference losses were to OU and Texas.

Sure the will be times tcu or ksu or utah. But 8 and 1 is better then 7-2 or 6 -3.

I agree with that. I’d much rather turn on the Taxslayer Bowl than an NBA game. Hell I’d rather watch Robert struggle with a Speak n Spell before I’d watch a hoops game. But I couldn’t care less if my team wins a non-playoff bowl game. Nor do I care how the Conf’s did V other conferences

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