Big 12 Update: Three-Way Tie for Second Place with One Week Left, What Needs to Happen for OSU

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The Cowboys’ road to Arlington is more clear.

Glad yall posted this. When running scenarios, I never ran one where OSU and ou are the only top 4 teams to win. That would leave us out. So we need to Win and root for texas and or kstate.

So as long as we win and one of Texas or K-state win we’re good?

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I actually saw OU fan state that Texas should tank their game against Tech if it met a Red River rematch in the Big 12 title game. Their reason was that it would ensure one of them would be taking the Big 12 title with them to the SEC and since Texas would be out of CFP contention, it would deny the Big 12 any money from the playoff.

Petty doesn’t even begin to describe this mindset lol.


Yeah sure texas should tank their game and miss out on a cfb playoff opportunity just to be petty and spite the big12 haha how dumb

That scenario would also require kstate to tank their game. Which isn’t happening :laughing: Ou fans arent the brightest so I’m not surprised


Don’t think they’re above it, Texas is toxic to conferences . RIP SWC


If texas loses, i have no idea it changes anything. Us and texas have 2 wins no lose ou is 50% ksu has no wins. If ksu lose along with texas then its bedlam. Oso has to lose for ou to get in.

Nope if UT and KSU lose and OU wins next week we are out of the B12 CC win or lose. It will instead be OU vs UT.

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Buddy, that’s just gibberish.


At the end of the day, all OSU can do is take care of business on Saturday. Beat BYU and let the chips fall where they may. If OSU gets left out, we only have ourselves to blame. Don’t get blown out by a UCF team that isn’t even bowl eligible as I’m typing this.

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Sorry i forgot some need spoon feed. Sorry i cant come over tonite to draw you a picture.

No Bob, you are factually incorrect. If Kstate and Texas lose, the championship would be Texas vs Ou.
You can use this website to see the possibilities:
mred's Big 12 FB Standings Generator

I actually can’t find an outcome that results in bedlam 2.0. (Im happy with 27-24 as the final bedlam)
From what I can tell, the only final outcomes as possibilities are; OkState vs Texas, Texas vs Ou, and Texas vs Kstate. If you can find another combination, let me know! Haha thanks.

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Just released from the Big 12

Well that’s a crap explanation by the B12 IMO.


No matter what UT does on Friday, let’s take care of our business and win. That’s all we can do.

Maybe I’m not understanding all the permutations, but it sure reads like if OSU beats BYU, then it’s us. As for scenarios where the B12 conference execs in a smoke-filled room scheme unfairly to create a UT vs OU championship, what could be the motivation? An all-future SEC matchup over a fair selection of OSU or KSU? Why would they do that?

If OSU beats BYU, it’s us.

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This tie breaker stuff is ridiculous. If UT, Ou, and OSU are all tied, we beat Ou and they beat UT, it should be OSU v OU. How does UT get the benefit of losing to the team that lost to us, and get in ahead of us when we are all tied?

Now I know why the B12 “clarified” the tie breakers. They wanted to ensure the big money Ou v UT game after Ou screwed it up. The Sooner “magic” at work. Follow the money.

Based on what Yormark has stated publicly, Big 12 does not want OU and Texas playing in Arlington. Now, Texas is basically in. OU would need a ton of help. Yes, the money is nice for the conference, but trust me: Yormark (and my) worst nightmare is Red River 2: Arlington Edition. No way on earth anybody wants one of them taking the conference crown right before they exit to the SEC. They have been two of the biggest bullies. Good riddance to the two little whinebag rich kids.

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@T-Bone The re-written tie breaker helped OSU. It didnt help OU or TX. Also @travis5266 is exactly right. The Big 12 does not want any part of OU-TX finale. As far as “follow the money”…the money is already paid for this game, regardless of who plays in it.

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So their saying Win and we’re in
Even if kstate and ut lose…?

Cool beans