Big Month for Football Recruiting on Deck as Dead Period Lifted

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What – and who – to know as a huge month gets underway.

A few are going to announce their schools soon too

Hope I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that we are going to see our national recruiting ranking drop somewhere in the late 30’s and maybe into the 40’s.

Ur saying that like it something new for u to say.

Someone should remind those two highly rated RB’s that having multiple high level RB’s in the same backfield has been a tradition at OSU starting with Thurman Thomas and Barry Sanders. And, we never heard much about Ron Jones after he decommitted from OSU and went to USC.

I think we are forgetting to recruit the most important position overall these past few years. That position would be the Head Coach.

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We got an all star there already.

Most people in the NBA in a 16 career have to be an all-star more than once in their career to be consider an actual all-star.

Ok when did we start talking about nba. Any way anybody with a 16 year career in sports is an allstar. He has been coach of the year.

1997 Big12 coach of the year Bob Simmons!

A one time coach of the year??? Everyone break out the champagne!!! Even Bob Simmons would’ve found a way to beat TCU if he won the turnover battle 5-1.

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Gundy still coach and u two r still cry ever nite.

Still coach means still 6-6.

Well he has never end 6 and 6. We he rebuilt osu football he had the one losing season

I believe ronald jones just won a super bowl last year with tampa bay.

One can understand going your first two or three seasons at 6-6. When your in year 13 like Gundy was and your still finishing 6-6 then it’s one of two things. You either have a talent problem or a coaching problem. If your as good as a coach you think you are your program should be staying in the top 3-5 in the conference and not finishing 9th in the conference with a veteran coach.

Joe ur an idiot. Snyder and patterson would have loved to have been 6 and 6 late in their coaching careers.
Once again u see something u dnt like and carry on like no one has every done that.

Snyder had more Big 12 titles and Patterson is 3-1 against Gundy in the last four tries. Not to mention a Big 12 title appearance.

Give gundy 6 more years to catch Snyder. Gundy has 2 more 2nd that would have put him in champ games. Still doesn’t help the original problem u have they had plenty of losing seasons.
Give up joe ur an idiot when it comes to facts. Great when no facts are needed.

He hasn’t won a conference title in 10 years. What makes you think the next 6 is going to be different?