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I for one am sick and tired of Dave Archer’s efforts to smear OSU. He always gets a snide comment about OSU in the discussions. Today, he kept dragging up the “OSU is little brother” line. It started with a legitimate question to a former OU player as to whether it even was a rivalry with an 80% OU win factor. But then he started in on OSU, first with the little brother comments, then he went so far as to suggest the annual game was an annoying pain to OU to have to play. Oh, and he said this year it wasn’t too exciting since OU and OSU were so disappointing on their records. Yeah? Potential 9-3 season with ending 10-3 for year? My advice to Mr. NFL QB, go back to the Iowa Pig Farmers Bowl or your Edmonton Eskimos where you actually starred.

And, I won’t even get into the extended, hyped up discussion between Archer and Tempkin about how USC with one loss and TCU with one loss (if it happens), USC clearly gets the CFP slot because they won an important game or two. Like, TCU didn’t win more top 10/25 games than USC this year? But it sounded like those two forgot they were on Big XII, not PAC12 network.

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I had forgot who Dave Archer was until you brought his name up. Where is he seen/heard ? I remember him play for the I St cyclones, he had nothing to say about their record against Iowa ? They won this year for the first time in 17-18 years ? Just a nobody trying to suck up to the goons clan


Yep, it was Iowa State. Sirius XM Big XII network, every day. He is all about Texas and Oklahoma, unless Iowa State is doing something.