Bo Jin, Oklahoma State Lead after Two Rounds at NCAA Championship

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Bo Jin has been honing in on his first collegiate win.

I wish are #1 turning pro could do more

Yes, I was just going to write a comment about my not understanding why Eckroat is not playing any better than he has been. Is he playing thru some kind of minor injury that they don’t want to disclose? But this kid does not seem ready to be a pro. Big mistake. The money will always be there, he needs more coaching. Let us hope that Bo Jin does not turn pro after he wins this tournament.
This is going as I had hoped for a few weeks ago. That OU would do well which would make a Cowboy victory even sweeter beating a very good Sooner squad. No fun beating a weak team. I hope OSU does not fold during match play like they sometimes do.

Yes they last time we were in match play. We just won a natty. They ran through stroke play. We were told this is one of the best teams ever. Then lose in the semi’s to Texas.

Screw OU doing well. In anything. They can suck forever in all sports as far as I’m concerned.