Board Games

I really enjoy playing board games, and it seems the quarantine has made trying to find games beyond Monopoly and Candy Land a lot more appealing for people. So, just starting a thread to see what games people are playing, what they recommend, or if recommendations are desired.

I almost always play with my family (kids), so a lot of what we play skews on the simpler side, what some would call “gateway” games. Although, I do sneak some medium weight games onto the table every once in a while with my older two kids. Theme is also a big hook as well.

Here’s what we played over the last few days - for reference, almost all were played by some combination of myself, my wife, and oldest three kids, including our six year old, unless noted:
Fluxx (Batman)
DC Comics Deck Building Game
Suburbia (only with older two)
Star Wars Imperial Assault (only with older two)


We like Catan, a lot. I think it’s similar to Ticket to Ride. We also play Scrabble on a semi-regular basis. 10 & 12 year old. Harry Potter Clue is fun too.


Now this is a thread I’m here for!

Ticket to Ride is fun but it can get combative quickly.

Not a board game but Mexican train is one of our family favorites. Simple enough you can hold conversations, be played by young and old, and has a good mix of luck and strategy.

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Not a board game but who here has played spoons? We would play every Thanksgiving at my wife’s grandparents house. One time her grandmother sold out like a champ and lunged across the table breaking a rib in the process. It was hashtag “Spoons Like A Boss” before there were hashtags.



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We play a ton of board games. A few of my favorites right now are:

Agricola (Farm building strategy game)
Lords of Water Deep (city building strategy game)
Small World (similar to small scale risk with different classes of soldiers and only takes about an hour)
Love Letter (quick 4 player card game)

Occasionally chess.

Pictionary is a good one, especially when you stack all the bad artists on one team and see what they start hollering to get the answer. :rofl:

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