Bob Bowlsby: Big 12 Will 'Revisit' COVID-19 Protocols Entering 2021 Season

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The league will encourage players to get vaccinated.

We waiting for people to comment on this one:

Iv got delta right now and so does my dad, sister, brother-in-law, and his kids. I’m on day 9 and will be a free man tomorrow. We just can’t let this flue like sickness keep being used as a political tool towards socialism anymore. Absolutely can’t do it!!. I hope people in the United States open their eyes to this and try to take back the country that has been the country that has given us our freedom as individuals for as long as I have been alive. I don’t like talking politics but we are in a crisis with who is in office and the agenda they have. Any ways my dad and brother-in-law both are fully vaccinated and still got it so go figure. It is real but can’t let it run our lives anymore.


Bowlsby is one of the worst commissioners in all of college athletics, but he should absolutely be fired for spouting off that BS. What a freaking idiot.


Anyone with a brain is going to do this.

Science isn’t politics.

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Any young person is more at risk from a vaccine than they are from the actual disease itself. Anyone that wants to be vaccinated at this point can be. I’ll then just pose this question:

If your vaccine works, then why should I take it?

If your vaccine doesn’t work, then why should I take it?

Don’t even think about bringing up the issue of masks.


Texas has the highest vaccinated county in the country.

82.4% of Presidio County has at least one dose.


I know of three people in my hometown that are in the hospital after being vaccinated, so there’s that.

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That’s cool man. 99% of people currently hospitalized in Los Angeles County are unvaccinated. So go to your local Walgreen’s and get the protein boost.

Stick those jabs up yo behind, Doofsby!

Who$e $cience, as if everybody agrees w/ this? But by all means, let your fear take over what little critical thinking ability you had.

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And 600,000 died.

I don’t have much fear.

I got a private company vaccine with my private company insurance. The only people worried about the government read what their high school buddy from Pawhuska found on Facebook.

No flu deaths though , but I’m sure the onlydeaths that mattered to you were from COVID . Meanwhile suicide rates skyrocketed but who cares right

What does that have to do with the government? The only thing that likely changed for you via the government was wearing a mask on a plane currently. Before that maybe a local mask mandate that was never enforced and had no penalty.

@yo1is right about one thing. Covid was the complete cure for the flu. Zero cases of flu last year because flu doesn’t pay.


Really doesn’t even matter. Get your vaccine if you want. But it shouldn’t be pushed on these kids. Or anyone for that matter


Can’t decide if I want Robert to be a Covid Truther so he and AR can agree on something, or if I want to see them argue about something other than Gundy for once.