Bob Bowlsby Responds to Formation of Alliance Between Pac-12, Big Ten, ACC

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Bowlsby still has high hopes for the Big 12.

Blah blah. Nothing he can really say.

It’s becoming more obvious by the day - The B12 is going to have to either stay at 8, or grab what they can from either the AAC plus BYU, maybe Colorado State (who is barely a D1 caliber program) and go back to 12 teams and say “hey, we’re as good as those other guys” OR do some sort of total integration with the AAC.

Either way, the result will absolutely be considered an inferior conference and with the reduction in cash it will take herculean recruiting and coaching prowess to keep up with the big boys. Because frankly, we won’t be considered big boys. We’re going to have to schedule P4 teams and beat them, often. There’s nothing else left. OSU is not going to be in the SEC, BIG10, ACC, or P12. Not gonna happen.

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“Thanks to the three-conference alliance, it’s becoming more likely those eight Big 12 members are going to be stuck together for now.”

Sounds like someone is intent on keeping their 2.5 million annual salary and making baseless speeches.

I’ve been saying it all along. We’ll either stay in a watered-down version of the Big 12 or be one of five teams added to the AAC. Sounds to me like Bowlsby will be looking to add four more teams so he can keep his job and make the claim he was able to “restructure” the Big 12.

Is this guy getting paid?

Sadly, yes.

Bowlsby is delusional. That is all.