Bob Bowlsby Responds to SEC Announcement with Official Statement

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Bowlsby says SEC invite reaffirms OU/Texas discussion have been going on “for some time.”

Would the SEC have to vote again for them to join sooner since they specifically said 2025 or would OU and UT just have to say we’re leaving now and pay up?

Don’t know but I doubt that the SEC would mind if they showed up a little early say 2022’ish. Of course showing up before the contracts expire in 2025 wouldn’t have even come up in the 6 months they (OU/UT) and the SEC were planning this move behind everyone’s back now would it?

I’d be surprised if the payout (for early exit) and everything else has not been a ‘done deal’ for a good while now. This is all just Kabuki theater. There’s a lot of money behind this or they’d have never announced it.

Ok, Bob.

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No. They’ll welcome them in as soon as possible. This will be wrapped up BEFORE the contract expires in 25. OU & Texas will negotiate down the buyout and it will be settled. Look back at the timeline of when A&M & Mizzou left. They announced it in 2010 and were playing in the SEC in 2012. The rumored outlandish buyouts at the time were around $35 mil, but it was negotiated to $12mil. This will be a similar deal

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