Bobby Petrino Says Missouri State Would've Gone For Win Had it Scored Late vs. OSU

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The Bears would’ve gone for the dagger.

And that would’ve been the correct call. Probably would’ve gotten it knowing the way the game was going.


“Give us an inch and we’ll defend it” I love Jim Knowles’ approach.

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I told everyone Bobby Petrino was a better coach and I got laughed at for saying so.

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Ur still getting laughed out. In ur lil mind any micky mouse coach is better

If Petrino could field a team like this that played so close with a Power 5 team, can you imagine how good OK State would be if we had a really good head coach?


Bobby Petrino took a lot less talent and almost made a comeback to win in Stillwater. Better coach for sure!!!

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People going to still not want him gone and are ok with what we’ve had for way to long? Prob.

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Next year we will hear the hype of, we had depth all year so we will be better than what people think. Telling you about one or two new freshman are really getting talked up and you throw Colin clay and Ford back and sanders looked alittle better last year and how we’re going to see a mature sanders bla bla bla bla. And then Robert will start saying look at what he’s done for this program and who are you going to replace him and my boy joe 15 speaking the truth aging? Prob.


So ou could save alot of the 11 million they pay riley to get Willis. Every argument u state I can put on riley. Except he recruits in the top 10 and gets 11 million.

He’s also made it to the CFP 3 times in 4 years Roberto. The only thing Riley hasn’t done for OU is win a natty.


I was about the type the same thing on here. Dude has cojones, something Mike lost when he got cocky whilst a student athlete and tried to start something against the wrestling team’s intramural softball team. Of course that likely deflated his huge ego by half.

Me thinks most people laugh at your comments more than anybody’s on this board. :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Well they should I’m a funny guy. Joey on the other hand is obsessive and repeats his drivel.
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We have to repeat it because your memory doesn’t have the ability to retain it for longer than 24 hours.

Why would I choose to remember drivel. I try not to read it in the first place.

Which is why you’re wrong.

I’m never wrong by ignoring u Joey.
Drivel is drivel

How can you know what drivel is when you admit you don’t read anything?

Joey I know u.