Boise State Travel Blog: My Pilgrimage to the Smurf Turf

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A trip to the blue field in Boy-See.

Glad you had an great trip. I’ve been wanting to visit Boise for sometime. Heard great things.

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It was the smurf in u, why u like the field.
If I had time I should have gone have a sister out that why.

Thank you for sharing Marshall. Sounds like it was a fun time.

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I used to travel for business for many years on a regular basis to Idaho: from Idaho Falls to Blackfoot to Haley (near Sun Valley where I learned to ski) to Pocatello to Twin Falls to Boise (yes: “boy-see) to Caldwell; all in re to my involvement with the potato processing and starch industry in Idaho; and it was always a pleasant experience!

Glad you enjoyed it! And see OSU win!

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