Bovada Lists OU, Iowa State With Better Odds Than OSU to Win Big 12

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This is … surprising.

Odds just following the money placed on bets. This just shows that OSU fans don’t bet as much as fans of other programs I guess.

Not surprising considering:
OU = helmet logic
Iowa State = Flavor of the Moment

This site knows ou fans will bet. So give good odds sucker the idiots in. Iowa state’s first game has nothing to do with winning big 12. They are 3 -0. Compared to 1-2 hey works for me lol. bets start by the
Odds makers, what the feel is rite. How much is bet on one or another change the odds after.

I like this, put it up in the locker room :slight_smile:

They are probably right. Given Gundy’s consistency at placing lower in the conference rankings when predicted to do better I don’t have any problem with anyone thinking OSU doesn’t win the Big 12, or even make it to the CCG for that matter.

Joe ur inspiring me to throw up. Why r u such debbie downer. Does everything not measure up in ur life. I see you can write Gundy’s name does it sting when said aloud. When Gundy’s teams win does it hurt all week. I know its early in the season, but Gundy rank 7 really might send u to the hospital. You know they could be higher without playing again. Gundy Gundy Gundy Gundy Gundy Gundy Gundy Gundy. Does that hurt. Lmao

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18-89-7 might have something to do with those odds idk

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Could someone tell me where the stories about how the SEC don’t play defense are?

I don’t think this is too crazy of odds. Two or three games from now (if we get too play) it will be much clearer.

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