Bowl Game the 'Right Way to Go Out' for Tylan Wallace

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Tylan talks finishing his career.

I have the utmost respect for Tylan as a player and especially as a high character young man. Team first kind of guy. Wish our RB had been more like him in that realm.

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I have a lot of respect for Tylan seeing this season through to the end when so many of his peers have thrown in the towel. It says a lot about his character.

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I admire his honesty, but it’s in his best interest to sit this one out and not risk injury. This bowl game does nothing for OSU as a football program if they lose.

Joe u wouldn’t want any player playing. Ur such a loser, just stop hating osu. Really stop hating our players. Tylan the man great cowboy.

Wallace is an incredible young man with character, integrity, passion, pride, and work ethic - the foundation for being successful in life. Wish him all the best!

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That is what separates a great teammate from a mediocre one. A great teammate is there for his team to the bitter end without question. Any player will do what is best for the team when it matches up with his own interests.

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That loses some weight when the coach starts raising the "white flag " with 12 minutes left in the game.

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After watching the doc and seeing on-field and off-field actions, I think Hubbard may have been more of a burden than an asset this year. He fought sanders multiple times in practice, and both times sanders was the one to apologize. When he was getting worked by OU, he resorted to trying to fight everyone throughout the game, and made himself look real bad. Then he bounces for the California coast before we even play Baylor? With how well the other backs played every time they got a chance, I’m not sure he was much help. That may be a bad read on my part, but it definitely didn’t look pretty from the outside looking in.

I think it’s a little different with Miami being their matchup. Somehow with the poor ending to the season, OSU has one of the best bowl matchups of any of the big 12 teams. Texas got Colorado (yuck) and everyone else down the line got awful teams as their opponent with the weird CoVID schematic. OU-Florida is obviously the cream of the crop, but winning against a team like Miami makes a bowl win a lot more appealing than winning against an Arkansas or a Tennessee, someone like that. Not sure how OSU pulled such a strong team when these other big 12 schools got cupcakes. Even Oregon was a lucky pull for Iowa state, they’re not a great team. Got beat by oregon state and cal, and even though they slid by vs USC, USC was vastly overrated too. OSU also tends to look like crap all year and then pull out a good game in their bowl, making OSU fans all the more frustrated about their performance throughout the year. Last year was different with their starting QB, their best player in Wallace, and 2 of their best defenders playing. Still should have won a game that they choked in to an A&M team that probably should have got in the playoff this year over ND.

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So him not risking an injury and potentially more money for his future in one more collegiate game that has little meaning means I hate OSU?

Agreed. You can do your best to be a team player and try to help, but ultimately when the coach does things to prevent you from doing it then it really becomes null and void.

I wish we had 20 players with the skill, guts and determination like Tylan…dude is a stand up guy , no quit in him. He’s been dedicated to this team, never bitched or moaned about a single thing. My type of guy


Wrong. If anything, it makes Tylan’s attitude and commitment even more impressive. Great teammates do what is best for the team regardless of who the coach is or how much he coaches like a girl.

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