Bowl Projections: A Possible OSU-Oregon Arroyo Bowl in San Antonio?

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Pokes-Ducks for all the riverwalks?

Uhhhh… if you’re rooting for OSU vs Oregon in the Alamo, you can see yourself out. Get outta here with that.

Everyone should be rooting for ND in camping world. Would be a great prize for finishing 8-4 and the two programs have never met.

I’d rather play ND, but the Alamo is a bigger bowl with a bigger payout.

It would be nice to get some revenge from the 2008 Holiday Bowl loss when Zac and Dez were tearing them up before Dez was injured.

I’d actually be cool with either. The “Camping World Bowl” just sounds so lame…but The Domers!! The Alamo Bowl just carries a little more weight…and playing Oregon would be cool, too.

Give me the Alamo vs Herbert all day everyday. The camping bowl is miserable travel experience at this time of year