Bowl Projections: Cowboys Could be Headed Back to the Fiesta Bowl

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You might be able to get a head start on your hotel reservations.

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Should we start the Illingsworth era in Glendale?

You are a joke. He would get killed with our offensive line problems. Nothing new about that.

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If we do go there I hope it’s Michigan State. They have the worst pass defense in the NCAA. Then again, we have a predictable offense and a QB that loves throwing the ball to the other team.

No, I think if it’s Michigan State we should just develop a really good offensive game plan in the passing game and just hope Sanders doesn’t make too many stupid mistakes. We’ll probably have Warren back to help in the running game.

Michigan State is dead last in the NCAA in pass defense. However, they are 20th in rush defense (Baylor is 16th). I hate to say it, but I think you are going to need Sander’s legs for this one. Just gotta pray to the Lord Almighty our game plan isn’t trash.

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I want Notre Dame! A National Brand with a huge following and TV audience that will be better than almost all bowl games. We would also get to play (probably) the highest ranked team not in the CFP. Cowboys and Fighting Irish is a great match up! Look at the other New Years’ six Bowl games. Utah/Ohio St; Ole Miss/Baylor/; Pitt/Mich St; none that intriguing nationally.


You have 3 weeks to develop a game plan for him. Get the ball out quick, keep a tight end in to block, did you see what Baylor did with their Freshman QB against our defense? He started 17/17 because he got the ball out quick and on time and nullified our pass rush. Our O-line isn’t great but this isn’t last years O-line, it doesn’t give you an abundance of time but just enough. You would be better off going 3 and out more often and punting with this defense then throwing 4 interceptions. You do realize Sanders 4 picks are the reason we’re not big 12 champs and possibly in the play offs? We could’ve punted and kicked field goals all day and beat Baylor 9-0 or 9-7. It’s impossible to win with a QB that turns the ball over and against the two teams that were worth a crap this year Sanders turned the ball over 7 times. You can’t have that.

I agree if he won’t turn the ball over he’s definitely our best option because of his legs, but after yesterday and Bedlam I have 0 confidence in him throwing a pass. I would rather line up and run the wing T

10 times. 7 against Baylor alone between this game and the last game. Plus the OU turnovers.

My apologies yes 10 times. I just don’t see how as a coach you can keep going forward with that.

I dont blame Sanders too much. The O line couldnt protect him and there was no running game. There was too much pressure on him and Dunn didnt change the gameplan. Dunn needs to go. He maybe a good receivers coach but he is a predictable and unimaginative OC.

Our receivers returning look really good. I don’t know if Presley should get many snaps with the collection of receivers returning.

The first one was completely on Sanders no pressure bad read. Second pic was on him, it’s a screen play the defense read it throw it at the running backs feet or just go down but don’t float it in the air, third pick he got hit as he released it because of pressure but he was on to his second or third read when he got hit his internal clock has to be going off it’s the 3rd quarter you know how much time you’ve had all game if the read isn’t there pull the ball down and run you hold the ball bad things happen, his 4th was an inaccurate and very wobbly ball on the back shoulder of green running a crossing route ball needs to be more accurate. All of those with maybe the exception of that last one are all avoidable just by being smart and doing your job and not trying to do much. This falls squarely on Sanders shoulders. Dunn could’ve been more creative by the goal line I will give you that but I don’t blame the coaches for yesterday, Sanders threw 4 pics on bad decisions that’s not the coaching staffs fault, we couldn’t block the 350 pound nose tackle he was blowing up the middle of our line you can’t run the ball when that happens especially with back up running backs. Unless you wanted Gundy to go in his so called shell everyone accuses him of and just run it into a brick wall 3 times then punt we had to try and pass the ball, Sanders just wasn’t good enough to do the job and it cost us a championship.

We’re playing Notre Dame.

So you want to watch our offense struggle to get to 20 points again?

Guess you didn’t watch the replay on the first int. Defender was holding the arm of our receiver so bad that he couldn’t complete his route. That is why he wasn’t there to catch the pass and what Sanders was telling the ref when he went to the sideline.