Bowl Projections: Where Might the Cowboys Go Bowling?

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It looks like it could be consecutive trips to the Texas Bowl.

The title of the article should be “Who Cares Where Might the Cowboys Go Bowling?”

If they play any of these teams they will lose. Ed Orgeron, Mark Stoops, and Sam Pittman are all better coaches as well.

LSU self imposed a bowl ban so definitely won’t be playing them

I know they are going to be a lil liberal on school records. But.
Joe I know every coach is better then Gundy. But.
Pittman will be fired in 4 yrs.
Stoops makes 750,000 more then gundy to lose. Kentucky are just happy if he has a winning season once ever 3 yrs.

Ed is losing players left and right. Not opting out they are leave lsu. This is a team that just won a natty. They suck so bad they opted out of a bowl.