Bowl Projections: Where, Who Oklahoma State is Predicted to Play for its Bowl with One Week Left

Originally published at: Bowl Projections: Where, Who Oklahoma State is Predicted to Play for its Bowl with One Week Left | Pistols Firing

For the last time this year.

They did mention the bowl were going to, the cotton


Even if they lose and Texas goes to cfp don’t they still get the cotton bowl?

@jon8 No. If the Big 12 Champ makes the CFP, it is then up to the Bowl itself to make a selection on what team they want.


Of these match-ups listed, Arizona and NC State are appealing.
Of course, I’d rather be in a NY6 Bowl

If OSU were to lose, theyd finish 9-4. If Texas gets in the CFP & a Bowl had the opportunity to take OU or OSU…Theyll take OU.

Even if they win, Texas is unlikely to make the CFP. Oregon is ahead of them - if Oregon beats Washington, they would go instead. If Alabama beats Georgia, the quality of that win would like put Alabama ahead of Texas. If Michigan loses, as well as Washington or Georgia - maybe Texas can sneak in. But odds are against that.

If the Cowboys can win it, seems like a NY6 bowl would be a possibility. I think they have a chance - Gundy is always good against Texas and in big games where there is little or no pressure to win. Like Bedlam this year - there was no possibility of the CFP, making it to the Big 12 championship seemed like almost an impossibility even with the win streak up to that point. And what did we see? An almost fearless Gundy, dialing up 4th down conversions, trick plays (not all of which worked) - and the result was a win. Play like that, take some chances, roll the dice, maybe some luck comes our way.

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I think Michigan, Oregon and the winner of Bama/UGA are in. That leaves an undefeated FSU or 1-loss UT(if they win)

I don’t know if FSU beats Louisville with a backup QB

I dont either. The spread opened at 3 & has gone in the direction of FSU, so we shall see. I took Lville this week in our pick em’, which im 77-51-2 against the spread on the year. Best year ive had!!

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Unfortunately, I agree. better record at 10-2 and a better national draw so its a pretty easy decision actually

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If Texas goes to the CFP (or loses) then the bowl selections are determined by the next available team in the conference. Meaning most people think they’ll choose OU for the Sugar Bowl (or whichever NY6 the Big 12 is slotted in).