Bowl projections

24-7 has projected Oklahoma State to return to the cheez it bowl! I think it shows the respect and and confidence that the one’s at 24-7 have for Gundy.

No that’s just you. Going 10 wins is this bowl.
They are looking at the the 6 def starts and the 5 off. Starters we are losing. I forgot you think we are Alabama and we just reload.

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Where did they project us last year?

Edit: Never mind, I looked it up for you. They had us in the… Cheez-It Bowl. Maybe it’s because we’re orange. Maybe they just look at helmet logos and shuffle them around the major bowls.

They had Iowa State in a NY6, OU in the playoffs, Texas in the Alamo, Georgia out of the playoffs, USC winning the Pac12… Baylor nowhere important. I hope they’re just as correct this year.


Are they hiring ?