Bowlsby Reveals Potential Financial Fallout of OU, Texas Leaving Big 12

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It’s not great!

That’s not a haircut. That’s being shaved bald.

That is all was said. First we r going to lose more then 14 million. We will be . Lucky to make 14 million a year after are new contract. So that’s 23 million lost.

Bowlsby’s estimate on the potential financial losses puts new meaning on Gundy’s comment of “we’ll be fine”.

First bowlsby is way high. I’ve seen that the remaining 8 teams are worth 9 million. If we add teams we can go up to 14.
Gundy was saying we are agood program and he has faith in the administration

I really don’t think it is bad all things considered. The numbers for 8 current teams is what we are examining. While I agree the Big 12 isn’t going to add 2 teams and get the money UT and OU helped attract. However, I do think the league will boost those numbers and it may take 4-8 teams to get close to numbers from the past.

I think too many people are following the ESPN narrative which used to known for an east coast bias in general and now an SEC bias relative to college football. Let us not forget the Big 8 was a more than capable league that we all loved. No one cared TV providers had other priorities. A 12-16 team league with no T shirt programs could be a real world wonder. You won’t hear it from ESPN, but for the fans of the teams it would be a great league IMO. Last but not least this is the best time for this to happen. Having UT and OU didn’t help oSu, Baylor, or TCU get into the 4 team playoff. Not having them won’t keep a quality Big 12 team out of a 12 team playoff.

As the situation currently stands, the $23-26 m/team is likely dreaming. The Big 12 will not be seen as a Power 5 conference. The AAC is giving $5 m/yr to UCF. That’s your likely revenue if nothing changes.

Going to another Power 5 conference will require a partner. Who? And which conference? SEC isn’t happening. The Big 10 isn’t happening because of the AAU requirement. ACC isn’t likely. Pac-12, would probably depend on who OSU partners with but I see it as also unlikely.

OSU’s best hope to still be in a Power 5 conference is to stay in the Big 12 AND get some teams added that are a big TV draw. So Boise State, BYU, Houston. Pick any halfway decent 4th (Cincinnati) to get you to 12 teams. Then, maybe, maybe you stay around $30m/team.

So yeah, OU screwed OSU pretty hard.

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