Boynton on Kalib Boone's 'Unbelievable Potential'

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Will Kalib Boone be in Stillwater for four years?

We all saw flashes of potential from Boone last season but I don’t want to get too excited about him because I remember how much pre-season praise Boynton dished out for Roessink and he did not pan out after his injury. But I think Boone has a better chance to deliver the goods that Boynton projects for him. However, it’s tough to compete against those tall guys in the Big 12 if you can’t counter them with a really tall and big player of your own and for most seasons OSU plays without the tall and big guy. They might have had some tall guys but they are usually string beans lacking enough weight. Big Country being the exception. So when OSU has had the big and tall guy they really shine. Fact of life in this conference. Each game is uphill battle without a true big guy near the basket.

Well lol yea I would talk up my last big man. I do like him he did have a nice first yr. Coach b has not yet shown he is a coach yet. 20 or 30 points both yrs would have made his record. A coach closes games, he has bad second halfs. I glad he got rid of bad people. I will expect better coaching with this level of recruitment. I problem with high recruits and players who have made a name, is trouble.