Boynton Says OSU ‘Lost’ a Recruit This Spring Because of Looming Sanctions

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Still no update on OSU’s appeal.

It becomes more ridiculous with each passing day.

We did to put pressure on them. It happened so long ago. They have had a year with the apply.

NCAA being who they currently would probably are waiting for the right time when a ruling would hurt the program the most.
They certainly did not want to do anything while Cade Cunningham was being showcased all last season. That’s just my thinking about it. Any forthcoming punishment would have to be on par with the light punishments they have already given other schools involved.

Not worried with the leadership of coach B.

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I know they ( ncaa) where not going to make cade sit.
With the backlash, what they gave the Baylor team they may just want this to go away.
This had little to do with the game. We have new ad pres players. Just limit are recruiting time for a semester and be done with it. Like Jeff said with nil it makes it less serious.
It’s not clean because of nil. A bribe is a bribe.


Who do you guys think it was? I’m guessing Keyonte George

i get that this is just a sports/fan blog… but this article was tough to read.

This is ncaa’s way of screwing osu over

This team is getting a ring and hanging a banner!!

Just sue the NCAA.

The org has a responsibility to timely rule; they haven’t done that by a long shot.

I said that a while back. If they haven’t none anything by the year anniversary of our appeal then we need to.

If our appeal didn’t give any new evidence then it shouldn’t take that long.

The NCAA allegations against Kansas and LSU which are much more egregious didn’t seem to hurt their recruiting. Stop with the excuses. The fact is Boynton is struggling getting HS recruits to commit. Maybe he’ll continue to get some these kids when they hit the portal.

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It should effect his hs recruiting. Only a one and done would even think about it.

I think the NCAA knows they’re wrong and their silly pride isn’t letting admit it. It has, apparently, already affected our recruiting so pain has been administered NCAA, now cancel this thing.

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It shouldn’t hurt his HS recruiting. How many of the guys Boynton has a shot are one and done. If your a one and done the uncertainty of 1yr ban may lead you to another program.

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Well if you can fill a spot with a kid you might only have a year or two out of the portal that brings proven most of the time and experience is a smart way of going about it. That’s if your trying to win now every year.

U want balance. Rite now we have no scholarship. That may hurt more then the ncaa stuff.