Boynton Still Waiting on Update Amid 'Frustrating' NCAA Appeal Stalemate

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It’s been more than a year.

However, it’s totally fine for UNC players to cheat academically and nothing happen.


Total bullshit. Ncaa can eat a dick.

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Oklahoma ag needs to get involved. It’s time for legal action

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Boynton underscored the disadvantage OSU faces every day when he said he is asked about the appeal every time he meets with a recruit.

The NCAA is obligated, morally AND legally, to provide a complete and timely response to the appeal. One year is not timely. Not in the world of recruiting athletes.

File a lawsuit on Jun 20, 2021!

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Grace or mercy coming from the NCAA is not what I would want from them. Instead, I would desire that they just use simple, common sense. If you did not place bans on 2 other programs then no reason to slam OSU. NCAA has exacted enough punishment on OSU just by not looking at the appeal yet because it obviously is a big red flag for recruits which competing recruiters are really playing up. If you don’t showcase your skills during post season play that will effect your NBA draft status as you will surely be less visible. This is going to cost you perhaps millions of dollars if you go to OSU. Therefore you are better off playing for a blue blood school. There is no greater thrill of a lifetime than playing in the NCAA tournament. Go to OSU and you have a really strong chance of not playing in that great tournament. Do you want to showcase your talents in front of just OSU fans, or do you want to be seen by the whole nation? Do you really want to take that risk? Unlike OSU, we run a clean program that you and your parents can feel proud of.

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