Boynton's Finest Hour

Until the day I die, I will remember exactly where I was as I scrolled across the Android and read the disgusting news concerning the NCAA post-season ban on the men’s basketball squad. Once I got home from work and got my kiddo settled in from school, we watched the press conference together. I was much more upset about it than he was. He knew something was wrong, but didn’t understand it. So I explained the entire sequence of events to him. Then gave him a helpful analogy so that he could understand the unfairness and illegitimacy of the punishment.

I’ve spent a few hours contemplating what I’d write. I’m not sure how it’ll come out, but here goes nothing:

  1. I’m thankful for the boldness of Mike Boynton and Chad Weiberg. They spoke out against the NCAA in an honest and deserving manner with all of the ferocity that they could. I absolutely love that Chad let Mike be so raw and real. Speaks volumes about their connection and unified message. You could tell if you watched that nobody was ever told to keep it buttoned down in their tone or delivery.

  2. I look so forward to having a season where Boynton doesn’t have any type of off-court issues to deal with. Kids shooting bb guns, COVID, the investigation, and now the penalties…
    when will this program ever catch a fuucking break?!?!?!

  3. There had better not be an empty seat in GIA this year. Period. NOOO. FUUUCKING. EXCUSES. Get your tickets. This coach and squad have endured more than most. They deserve our presence and support. And yes, I have season tickets.

  4. The NCAA sent a crystal clear message that they are NOT here for the kids. They never have been. Never were. Those hypocritical assholes have only been about money and protecting the money at all costs. Fuuuck them. Until the day that the organization is disbanded.

  5. Clearly, Oklahoma State will never choose to cooperate again, as they shouldn’t. We teach our kids to do the right things, be honest, admit when you’re wrong, fix it when you can, learn from it and move on. Yet, there is an entire organization that runs the sports our kids are playing at the college level that’s teaching them the opposite!!! Teaching them that admitting you’re wrong and working to resolve the issue can only make your punishment worse. Today’s ruling was a complete abortion of the entire purpose of all those letters Boynton talked about today. COI and the other.

  6. No matter how much today sucks, the sun will come up tomorrow… typically bright orange! This program is in the very best possible hands. Better days are ahead. Go Pokes!!!


If I ever see any of those people in public… the last thing they are gonna hear before a fury of fists, boots and teeth rain down on them is “YOU MADE COACH MIKE CRYYYY”

First those punks keeping Eddie out until he passed and now this!



The hall of Fame folks who kept Eddie out for so long is a separate group from the one that decided to uphold the ban.


Trav, let Butcher stew in his blunt anger.

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My bad, Chimp! :joy:


I’ve got a lot of anger that I will NOT deal with in a healthy manner if I can help it .


U r the butcher. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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And I’m semi-proud of you for this! :joy:

Good post !! You could have thrown in Dez lying to the uppity bast**** and giving him ineligibility. Sad sad when you have politicians that blatantly lie to congress and nothing, absolutely nothing happened to them

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