Bracketology: Arizona State, Mississippi State Lose Big, Opening Door for Cowboys

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The margins are razer thin.

Have to agree with what @CarsonCunningham said on the podcast. They just don’t “look” like a tournament team. I’m still going with NIT bound.

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I’ll ask this, does the committee consider when AA got hurt and he will be back it looks like. Our conference is the toughest there is, SOS is number 6 , none of them are close to that. We beat Iowa St twice, TCU once of course both we’re missing key players….I say we get in


To answer your question, probably not. I do hope your right about us getting in though.

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NCAA hates us. I’d be surprised if we got in but I think compared to other bubble teams we’ve got the better resume. If we don’t get in I’ll be mad but we don’t really deserve to make it either. Stupid double digit blown leads led us here. Don’t choke to VT, SIU, and UCF and we don’t have this conversation.


Did this OSU team look like a tournament team the last few games of the season. The answer is no. This team is offensively challenged that it’s hard to watch play. They are not playing well enough to deserve a at large invite. I for one could not stand to see one last game where we shoot less than 30% from the field, score less than 50 points and turn the ball over 20 times. I’ve seen enough of that. Forget the NIT and just call it a season. Boynton doesn’t need another game. He needs to go out and find talent who can actually score and handle the basketball. One more season of this quality of play and he will find himself out the door.

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Reading the latest bracketology update, it’s difficult to know what the hell the committee will do. SOS and NET are on our side against most of the other bubble teams but eye test and number of wins definitely hurt us.

Who knows. As a fan, I obviously want us in but I’d be lying if I said we deserved it.


Only time we look like a tournament team is when we shoot well. Doesn’t happen often, this team is not good shooting not even close. And Boone ? What a head case

Hopefully Texass beating KU like a drum sneaks us in at 68 but I’m still doubtful. Really need UAB to lose.

Yeah Boone is a tough case, it ain’t always easy to be 22 though .

UAB lost though

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As Dickey said. This isn’t a conversation if we’re sitting at 21-12 instead of 18-15. It’s the stupid early games in the season that always costs us. Simply because Boynton (and his team) seem to treat non-conference play like it’s exhibition games that don’t matter.

Supposedly St John’s has boynton on there short list after pittino

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GIA needs to get back to where it was 15-20 years ago and Weiberg needs to bring in someone from the G5 level that knows what they’re doing. I don’t expect the basketball program to get the next Chris Beard or anything of that sort, but someone that will actually bring back disciplined and fundamental basketball.

If the fans were given the general consensus that this team has a chance to win in every game they play they’ll show up to GIA. Shooting threes when you’re ranked 304th in the country at them isn’t a successful recipe for winning.