Bracketology: Palm, Lundari Have Pokes Out of NCAA Tournament Field after Fifth Straight Loss

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The Cowboys still have a chance with a trip to Lubbock on Saturday.

Not happening. Tech is not only playing better but they’re fighting for their spot in the tournament. It’s going to take a deep run in the Big 12 tournament for OSU to get in, which isn’t likely.


Beat Tech and one in the tournament, we get in.
Tech played well in the loss to Kansas Maybe some of the 3’s we put up go in … law of average lol

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Such a poorly coached team. We are a terrible 3 point shooting team but have 2 dominant post players but we rather go 9-32 from the 3 point line then throw it down low. Wright and Asberry shooting 21 3’s is outrageous and Boynton allows it.


So much talent… such pathetic coaching. They are just playing street ball at this point. Hopefully we can get a new coach that can salvage all of this wasted talent next year. We won’t make any changes though and we will continue to look like a joke on the court.

Not just 3’s bad at shooting period. You can’t win if you can’t score.