Bracketology Update: OSU a Projected Single-Digit Seed in the Tourney

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A look at where brackets peg OSU to be this postseason.

Kyle Boone. #7 seed a generous prediction he says. Meanwhile we were ranked 23 now 26. 22 in coaches poll. 7 times 4 is 28… top 28 team should be a 7 seed. We are that. Meanwhile 2 of the 3 prefuctions he cited have us a 7. One has us 8. Ohh yes but a generous prediction. Got it buddy.

First let’s win like 3 more games…
This stuff just helps u keep warm.

Let’s just get in the dance before we worry about seeding. I could see the NCAA screwing us over and keeping us out last-minute. It would be the most OSU thing ever to have a decision upholding the ban one week or two before selection Sunday.

What in the world did I just read here