Bracketology Update: OSU Moving Up After OT Wins over OU, Texas Tech

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Pokes are making big moves.

Still long way to go still could when 3 more plus rite
But let’s get tonites game.

I’d rather be in Gonzaga’s bracket than Michigan’s.

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I bet we end up anywhere between a 3 and a 6. They’ll most likely at least win 1 of these last 3. How many of them they win, though, will move that bar. If they somehow find a way to go 3-0 this week (it’s possible, Baylor hasn’t played in a month and looked terrible vs Kansas) then they could easily catapult up to a 3 seed. That probably won’t happen, so I’d assume they’ll go 1-2 these last 3 and end up around a 5 seed. Maybe a run in the B12 tourney can boost that a bit more.

3 or 6 is where we want to be

So did the NCAA decide to let us in for sure?

Its what 3 weeks away im sure they will let the #1 draft pic who just unloaded 40 points play.

That’s what I was assuming I just didn’t know if there had been any official word on it

No not yet. I heard they are saying with the vitus appeals r backing up. That tells me there drag their feet just enough to make it happen

It’s not official, but as close as it gets. If the ncaa were to rule them out at this point, they might burn down to the ground on site. It would cause mass hysteria across the country, not just from OSU fans / reps.

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